Strained family relationships

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Ayexza had lived with her mother in Ghana, their relationship was strained, and she was told to leave the family home.

Ayexza had a residency permit to live in the UK. She came to join her Father in September 2012. She finished her schooling and enrolled at Newham College to undertake an Access to Health Professions level 3. Ayexza has ambitions to become a Social Worker, and her course would take her into University.

Ayexza’s Father had begun a relationship, and his new partner did not want Ayexza around.

This caused conflict in the home and resulted in Ayexza being told she had to leave. At only 20 years old and being in the UK for only three and a half years, Ayexza did not know what to do.

She felt vulnerable and afraid. She thought about killing herself. She felt hopeless.

Ayexza ended up sleeping rough at Woolwich waterfront, near the ferry. She quickly contacted Shelter, who then referred her to the 999 Club.

We reported her to Street Rescue who went out and found her the same night, however, she had just heard from a friend, who was offering her a sofa for the weekend.

She returned to the Gateway on the Monday and we made housing referrals for her to three different housing providers. She was contacted for an interview the following day, and offered a room in a shared house, that was immediately available.

Ayexza was delighted.

Now she has a place to finish her studies and take her final exams. Hopefully she will get high enough grades to apply for University.

The housing provider that gave her accommodation have a team dedicated to assisting people into education and employment, so we are confident that there will be people on hand to assist Ayexza to pursue her ambitions.

Names have been changed for reasons of confidentiality.