Professor Green visits the 999 Club

David MacGregor 999 Club News

My name is Edward and I stayed at the 999 Club when Professor Green (Steven) came to visit.

There was a lot of excitement in the building when we heard rumours someone famous was coming to visit, but until the morning of the event, we had no idea.

After the initial excitement of seeing someone that is celebrated enter the building we quickly got down to business. Although he was the main focus for us, the bigger picture and main focus was injustice in our society and the effect this has on us, the homeless.

Professor Green and people who use our services take part in a workshop

We spoke in turn about what certain words meant to us such as security and privacy; everyone had something to say that should be heard. Having Steven there meant we also had newspapers and TV crews present, which was great. It became a statement.

I personally got to be interviewed alongside Steven and we spoke about how we feel about certain areas and what we have experienced and seen. Even though Steven and I have completely different lives we were very much like-minded when it came to the subject of housing and social care.

“We both agreed a lot more could be done and that in this day in age in a country like England we should not have such a severe level of poverty.”

I can only hope that other celebrated people such as professor green step forward to help make a change, it makes a big difference. As Steven said himself when asked if he would get others like himself to help,

“Those who care and wish to help will. Those who don’t, won’t. It’s as simple as that.”

Well said in my books.

– Edward

Professor Green discusses homelessness with BBC news in front of a plaque made by our art class to celebrate the 25th Birthday of the 999 Club