Art group trip to Tate Modern

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With Stories from the Streets we look at the reasons people become homeless, and share what we’ve done to help them find accommodation. That journey can often be a long one. Along the way, Learning & Activities at the 999 Club help people to combat loneliness and isolation, recover their self esteem and identity, learn practical life skills, and become more attractive to employers.

In the run up to Christmas, members of the art group went on a gallery visit, and chose to go to Tate Modern. Everyone loved Picasso’s Weeping Woman (1937) and 2 Women Holding Flowers by Fernand Léger painted in 1954.

Here are a few comments from the day…

‘The art at the Tate Modern is beautiful and intriguing. People put their pain and passion and time and patience into it.

I liked Weeping Woman because there are a lot of puzzles to it. You can’t look at it and say it’s about one thing—it could be loss, it could be gain, she could be crying because of anything. I think the trip to the Tate Modern has been good for all of us, even the staff. You have to keep learning.

I’m so appreciative that we all came together as a group. It gets us away from Deptford. It puts capability, practicality, forward thinking and positivity into your mind.’



‘I like their hair and the colours in 2 Women Holding Flowers. It’s posh around here. I’ve never been to an art gallery before.’

Another piece that interested everyone was the documentary film In Memory of a Square by Gulsun Karamustafa. The video piece presents footage of Istanbul’s Taksim Square from 1930-80. ‘I liked it because it’s historic,’ said J.

The art group came back with lots of inspiration for the work they want to produce, and after this successful visit, we’re planning to get out and about more in 2017.

A huge thanks to our volunteers Aileen, Ify and Monika for helping out on the day.