Night Shelter

The 999 Club Night Shelter will be open for a total of 30 weeks in 2018 in three 10-week blocks.

The Night Shelter opened on 2nd January and will open every night until 12th March.

To stay in the 999 Club Shelter you need to come into the Gateway and discuss your situation with a member of staff.

You might also be referred by someone who works for a partner organisation.

If you come to stay in the Night Shelter, you will need to work with the 999 Club team to address your homelessness. The Night Shelter is for people who are ready to make a move away from the streets, and will work intensively with us to make that happen. We know our Night Shelter isn’t right for everyone.

To get a place in the Night Shelter you will need:

  • To have lived in Lewisham for 6 of the last 12 months or 3 of the last 5 years. This is called a local connection.
  • To be claiming benefits or be eligible to claim benefits.

You will be assigned a case manager from the 999 Club and will work with them closely to try and make sure your next step is into long term accommodation, not back to the streets. This might include applying for identification documents, attending viewings for properties, making healthcare appointments and seeking help for substance-related issues.

We offer Learning & Activities and Employability Support at the 999 Club, and most Night Shelter guests will take part in these sessions on most days they are here.

There are rules about staying in the Night Shelter and we will ask you to sign up to them.

There are three important rules:

  • No-one can use drugs or alcohol at the Night Shelter. If you are unable to get through the night without using drugs or alcohol, you will not be offered a place.
  • You will come into the Night Shelter at 20.00 in the evening and stay all night until 08.00 the next morning. If you decide to leave during the night, you will not be able to return.
  • It is important that you tell us if you are unable to take up your Night Shelter place on any given night. This is because spaces are limited and your place with be offered to someone else if you do not take it.

An evening meal and breakfast is provided each night to anyone staying in the Night Shelter.

Your place is in the night shelter will be reviewed after 28 days.

Make a donation to support our shelter

Each bed we provide costs £22 per person per night, and we need goods such as toiletries, towels and tea to run our Night Shelter. Please support our work by making a financial donation.

A journey away from the streets

After his relationship broke down, M slept rough for about eighteen months. Someone suggested that he come in to the 999 Club in order to get some food, a shower and some fresh clothes. M was assessed and given a place in the Night Shelter.

While he was staying in the Night Shelter he did some volunteering with a partnership agency, and was pleased to be giving something back to the charities that were helping him.

Working with the 999 Club Advice and Support Manager he was put in contact with a private landlord who would accept him. He went to a view a bedsit, moved in, and began looking for work in the building industry, getting back to what he used to do before he became homeless.

“This is first time for 18 months that I’ve been able to sleep with both eyes shut,” said M.

What to do if you know someone who is sleeping rough

If you know someone who is sleeping rough you can alert them to London Street Rescue
or by calling
0300 500 0914
and help them connect to the local services and support available to them.

2017 Night Shelter:

Opened for two ten week seasons and helped 25 people find a place to live.