One of the most generous and lasting ways to sustain the 999 Club is through a gift in your will. Unlike most charitable donations, legacies can be planned many years before they are received. As a result, they reflect the values of the donor as much as the needs of the charity. Legacies link the past, present and future.

Is a legacy right for me?

Yes, if you would like:

  • To make a more significant contribution to the 999 Club than you can presently afford.
  • To name a space in the 999 Club, or to honour the memory of a loved one.
  • To create a fund to support any aspect of our work that you feel is important (for example, winter night shelter, activities programme or building maintenance).
  • To give land, shares or property to the 999 Club.
  • To help the 999 Club meet its most pressing future needs, whatever they may be. Unrestricted gifts are the most adaptable form of support.

Is it complicated to leave a legacy?

No, it’s very easy. You can include the 999 Club in your will any time you revise it, or by adding a codicil. It is a good idea to take professional advice from a solicitor, who will be able to discuss your plans in relation to your personal circumstances.

If you know exactly how much you would like to give, you may wish to leave a fixed sum (pecuniary legacy) to the 999 Club. Your statement might read in the following way:

“I direct my executors to pay the 999 Club (registered charity 1091077), for its general purpose, the sum of £______.”

Alternatively, you may choose to contribute whatever remains of your estate once your family has been provided for and all other gifts distributed; this is called a ‘residuary legacy’. Your statement might read in the following way:

“I direct my executors to pay the 999 Club (registered charity 1091077), for its general purpose, all (or ____%) of the residue of my estate.”

A third type, the ‘specific legacy’, involves a gift of property, such as shares, land or personal possessions.

“I direct my executors to pay the 999 Club (registered charity 1091077), for its general purpose, my ________.”

All legacies are tax-efficient and may benefit your family, as charitable gifts will be deducted from your estate before inheritance tax is calculated.

Planning a special gift

Even if you can’t estimate the amount that the 999 Club will eventually receive, we hope you will talk to us about your aspirations – whether (for example) you would like to support a particular activity or create a family memorial.

If you are considering a fund or a gift of property, then it’s a good idea to consult with us before adding a codicil to your will. We can help to make sure that the wording for your fund is flexible and relevant and that your gift of property will be valued and used.

If you would rather not discuss your gift beforehand, then your written instructions will be carefully followed.

Making a pledge

To simplify the process as much as possible, you can download the following documents to help capture your wishes to remember the 999 Club in your will.

A legacy pledge form – to return to the 999 Club >

A codicil form – to complete and keep safely with your original will >

Any questions?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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How your donation helps

  • Connector.

    buys a sleeping bag for a Night Shelter Guest


  • Connector.

    provides IT and internet access for a week


  • Connector.

    pays for an Advice & Support consultation


  • Connector.

    pays a sessional tutor for one Learning & Activity session


  • Connector.

    buys a computer and software to access job searches


  • Connector.

    keeps the 999 Club running for a day