Jean’s story

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I had been homeless since the beginning of 2015 year and am now staying in a hostel. The 999 Club means everything to me. If it wasn’t here I wouldn’t have anywhere to go during the day, especially when it’s cold. I stayed in their Winter Night Shelter in 2015 for a month from February until it closed in March.

I like writing on the computers here. I like writing stories. I wasn’t sure at first but I enjoy writing things. Now I’m going to be doing a course in Creative Writing at Deptford Reach. I’m really proud of that.

I also enjoy taking part in the collaborative cooking class and am looking forward to getting a certificate at the end of it. I like coming here, I’ve got friends here and they do a great cottage pie!

Update (March 2016)
Jean has now left the short-term hostel into which she moved when she left the night shelter, and gone into a larger, longer-term hostel. There she is attending move-on group sessions to prepare her for independent living. She still comes to us and recently joined a group of our regulars on a visit to the House of Commons to meet the local MP, Vicky Foxcroft.