Helping Josh out of long term homelessness

E. Smith Street Stories

“The 999 Club got me where I am now. They have done everything they can do to help.”

Josh is in his fifties and has spent many years sofa surfing and sleeping on the streets. A few years ago he did have a place to live for a short while. After going to the No Second Night Out Project he was given a place in semi-independent shared accommodation, but Josh couldn’t manage his finances, fell into rent arrears and was evicted.

He went back to sleeping on the streets and was eventually referred to the 999 Club by Thames Reach London Street Rescue. We gave him a place in the Night Shelter so he could get some respite from sleeping rough.

While he stayed in the Night Shelter, our Advice & Support service worked with him to solve some ongoing issues with his benefits and make sure he was claiming the benefits he was entitled to. We also referred him to a housing provider who offers shared accommodation and they were able to offer him a place to live. He has been there nine months and is happy in the place he’s living.

Unfortunately, Josh is now facing another issue with his benefits claim which is making him stressed, as he is very anxious not to become street homeless once more. But he has come into the 999 Club for support with this issue and we’re working with him to help him stay in his accommodation.


Names changed for reasons of confidentiality.