Paul rides 100 miles for the 999 Club

David MacGregor 999 Club updates

“It was a privilege to wear your shirt around the course” The London office of leading global insurance organisation AIG became involved with 999 Club when they were looking for a small charity to support – one where they could really see the difference they were making. Paul Aitchison, who as Global Head of Space is responsible for insuring satellites …

999 Club chosen to showcase Big Lottery success

E. Smith 999 Club updates

Head of Fundraising Andrew Mitchell and CEO Tim Fallon had a successful day at Portcullis House recently, celebrating the work we are able do with Big Lottery funding. Big Lottery organised a briefing for MP’s researchers, and asked the 999 Club to attend to provide an example of the outcomes that smaller, grassroots charities can achieve. Our Big Lottery project, …

National Audit Office Report on Homelessness

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Today at the 999 Club we’ve been reading through the National Audit Office report on homelessness. There are a lot of shocking headlines in their report. The growth of homelessness, the reasons why it happens and the subsequent effects on local government and healthcare services; these reflect our every day work with homeless people in the Gateway and Night Shelter. …

Helping Josh out of long term homelessness

E. Smith Service user stories

“The 999 Club got me where I am now. They have done everything they can do to help.” Josh is in his fifties and has spent many years sofa surfing and sleeping on the streets. A few years ago he did have a place to live for a short while. After going to the No Second Night Out Project he …

Big Half – March 2018

David MacGregor Fundraising events

Run the Big Half for homeless people – with homeless people. Our team for the Big Half through South London will be led by CEO Tim Fallon and include people who come in and use our services. Visit the Big Half website at Contact to register your interest.

Happy Anniversary 999 Club

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On 15th June 999 Club celebrated it’s 25th anniversary. Thanks to the gardening club and the hard work of the whole team the place was looking at it’s best. As part of the evening we asked people to sign our pledge-wall and support homeless people in our community.  And anyone who would like to can still sign the pledge here. We …

Alex and Shadow

E. Smith Service user stories

Alex arrived in our Gateway, along with a cat in a basket, seeking support, having recently been evicted from a property they’d lived for several years. Unfortunately, we are unable to take pets into our Night Shelter and Alex didn’t want to be parted from her cat, Shadow. We talked with Alex about her options, when we discovered more about …

M’s story

E. Smith Service user stories

‘This is first time for 18 months that I’ve been able to sleep with both eyes shut.’ After his relationship broke down, ‘M’ slept rough for about eighteen months before coming in to the 999 Club. ‘I know why I ended up becoming homeless,’ he said, ‘but the problem was, I was trying to get out of being homeless but …

Could there be a hidden rise in homelessness amongst women?

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At the 999 Club we see and assess people who are struggling to find a place to live. Some are rough sleeping, others are staying with friends or in hostels. Historically we’ve seen far more men then women. But, and this is purely anecdotal, the number of women coming to see us seems to be on the rise. There are …

Art group trip to Tate Modern

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With Stories from the Streets we look at the reasons people become homeless, and share what we’ve done to help them find accommodation. That journey can often be a long one. Along the way, Learning & Activities at the 999 Club help people to combat loneliness and isolation, recover their self esteem and identity, learn practical life skills, and become …

Food for the Soul

E. Smith Service user stories

A college cooking course has raised the ambitions of one of our former Night Shelter residents. Raymond slept in the 999 Club Night Shelter last year, and for him, the shelter was the first step away from homelessness. He now has his own flat. ‘999 Club stopped me going off key,’ he says. ‘I spent a lot of time on …

Locked out of NHS

Locked out of the NHS

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Healthcare provision for homeless people is a complex area of public policy, and cutting homelessness outreach services can have unforeseen consequences. 999 Club CEO Peter Wood discusses some of the issues… We all fall ill but we don’t all fall ill in the same way.  If you’re homeless you’re more likely not just to be sick but to have multiple …

999 Club Night Shelter – Open longer thanks to new funding

E. Smith 999 Club updates

South London homelessness support charity the 999 Club aims to open its Night Shelter for two ten week seasons in 2017, extending the period rough sleepers can stay off the streets and receive further support beyond winter. The development of this vital service will be made possible by funding from M&G Investments, long term partners of the 999 Club, who …

Sisters Katie and Helen find a home together

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We were contacted  on the 3rd of September by Centrepoint, by a worker who had two young sisters, Katie, 23, and Helen, 20,  who were facing homelessness. They had been living with their older sister in Catford, but they were very overcrowded and the eldest sister’s tenancy was in jeopardy because of the younger two staying. Reluctantly she had asked …

A stepping stone to a new career for Emma

E. Smith Volunteer stories

  ‘I given my time, but I’ve got a lot back…’ Emma has been volunteering with the 999 Club since June and, after training sessions with Learning & Activities Coordinator Zisca, facilitated creative writing workshops once a week in the Gateway. After a period out of the workplace, volunteering helped her remember her old skills and regain her confidence, ‘I’ve …

sleeping bags for the winter night shelter

Help us buy sleeping bags for the Night Shelter

E. Smith 999 Club updates

We’re participating in Localgiving’s Grow Your Tenner campaign. Every £10 donation to buy sleeping bags for the Night Shelter will earn us an additional £10 from the online fundraising site. The campaign launches at 10am on the 18th October and will end on the 17th November, or when all the funds have run out – whichever comes first! So if …