exterior of 999 club building

A smart new look for the 999 Club

megan2754 999 Club updates

We’ve been ducking under scaffolding to get into the building for the last few weeks as work was done to the ground and upper floors. The 999 Club is Grade II listed, as are all buildings that have survived from the late 17th Century, and so repairs have to be done very carefully to preserve the character of the building – which may have been here all the way back when Peter the Great stayed in Deptford in 1698.

Part of providing a warm welcome for homeless people is a warm, dry building in which to offer support and advice, but, like everyone who has the builders in, we’re happy that the work has been done and we get back to normal again.

The scaffolding has finally come down and it’s great to see the Gateway looking welcoming with its new signs and front door.