999 Club chosen to showcase Big Lottery success

E. Smith 999 Club News

Head of Fundraising Andrew Mitchell and CEO Tim Fallon had a successful day at Portcullis House recently, celebrating the work we are able do with Big Lottery funding.

Big Lottery organised a briefing for MP’s researchers, and asked the 999 Club to attend to provide an example of the outcomes that smaller, grassroots charities can achieve.

Our Big Lottery project, Move On Up has made major changes to the way the organisation works. The funding supports the Gateway, which provides people who sleep rough with essential services and access to further support from visiting agencies. The Gateway allows us to do vital casework that supports homeless people on the journey back towards a home and a job. Big Lottery funding has also supported the Learning & Activities programme that improves people’s health, confidence, skills and independence.

Multi-year funding from Big Lottery has given the 999 Club stability, giving other funders the confidence to award us substantial, long term, grants, with some inviting us to submit applications. With the support of Big Lottery officers, we’ve developed a greater focus on the outcomes and impact for people who come in to access vital services. Independent evaluation and learning is important for small charities, so that services improve over time, and the Big Lottery framework has helped enormously. A number of Learning & Activities programmes have been co-produced, with people who are sleeping rough deciding the workshops and trips that they would like to organise as part of the programme. Putting their voice and needs centre stage has been an important shift for the 999 Club, one that is the result of the stability, and comprehensive framework provided by Big Lottery funding. We were delighted to be able to showcase the work we do to MP’s researchers.