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The 999 Club

Helping People to Help Themselves

Where do you go when you are desperate and lonely and have no one to turn to? With an open door policy the 999 club offers immediate support in any situation by providing links with professional agencies, and giving friendship, help and advice to the most vulnerable in the community. It is staffed entirely by local people, who know the misery caused by homelessness, poverty and drug/alcohol abuse at first hand. At any one time we are in regular contact with over 500 people who make up the majority of the 1,375 visits we receive every week.


The 999 Club depends entirely on donations to continue its work with the most vulnerable people in South East London.

Gift Aid

If you would like to support the work of the 999 Club, by making a financial donation, we are able to increase the value of your gift by reclaiming the income tax you, as an income tax payer, have paid on the amount.

Give Online: If you would like to make a donation to us electronically please click on the Virgin Money Giving button to the right. This will take you to our page on the Virgin site. To the right of the page where it says 'Support us' click on the the blue 'Make a donation' button.

  • £10 allows a disadvantaged person to visit our premises for support
  • £15 gives a bed and evening meal in our winter night shelter
  • £35 pays for someone to be helped by our advice and advocacy worker
  • £50 gives a days groceries to feed and refresh the 200 people who visit us daily
  • £150 gives a vulnerable child a week's care in our nursery

A regular donation helps our cash flow

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Contact Us

Peter Wood (Chief Executive)

999 Club Administration
21 Deptford Broadway, London, SE8 4PA
Tel: 020 8694 5797 & Fax: 020 8694 9581

999 Centre Deptford
Address: 21 Deptford Broadway, London, SE8 4PA
Tel: 020 8691 7734

999 Centre Downham
Address: 424 Downham Way, Bromley, BR1 5HR
Tel: 020 8698 9403